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Monday, November 30, 2009

Left Tank Sealant

Today I continued working on the initial parts of sealing the tank.  I finished the filleting of the stiffeners and was able to get the end rib vent tube and fuel senders attached torqued and sealed.  They turned out pretty well.

I also worked on the fuel caps and was really excited for this part since they are so cool.  It turned out to be fine, but I am not super happy with the finish.  After a paint job, it will look perfect, but until the paint job, you can see minor scratches where the thin nose squeezer yoke was on the rivets.   I should have shot all of these instead of squeezing the ones close to the edge..  Rebekah's tank cap will look much better.  ;-)

I also decided to take the skin off the skeleton and work on deburring, countersinking and dimpling of the skeleton in preparation for the wings.  Typically this is done after the tanks but I had time and wanted to work on something else and it enabled me to get the skeleton all cleaned up.  Dimples in the ribs and countersinks in the spar.

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