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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sealing Left Tank stiffeners

Today was my first day using the sealant.  Went fairly well, but it takes a long time.   I sure hope I get more efficient with this.   Here I am getting ready to go !  and a view of my sealing set up..

I was able to mix 2 batches of 33 grams each.  (30g of sealant and 3g of catalyst)  The first batch was used to insert the rivets "wet" by filling the dimple with the sealant, then buttering up the stiffeners and lowering them over the rivet heads and back riviting the stiffeners.

The second batch was used to encapsulate each rivet head and start putting fillets down the sides of the stiffeners.   I was able to get the flat side of the stiffener with the wood sticks I had, but the flange side will need to wait for a better solution.  The sealant was getting to thick for my taste with the size sticks I was using.

I also worked on closing up some of the tooling holes on end rubs, added the nose stiffener to the outboard end rib and attached the fuel drain.  Will finish working on the inboard end rib and attaching fittings tomorrow.

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