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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Oshkosh Airventure 2014

Oshkosh is a huge aviation expo that goes on at the end of July each year in Oshkosh, WI.  This year it worked out well because there was a 50th year anniversary party in Casper WY for friends of the family.  Casper is about ½ way to Oshkosh, so I spent a few nights there for the party, then flew onto Airventure.   I put about 3300 miles under my wing for this trip and about 19 hours on the airplane.  It was a crazy packed week but was really fun.  Bekah and Ariel went with me to Casper, but because they don’t allow dogs at Oshkosh, she stayed with my parents and ended up in Cody near our ranch just outside of Yellowstone park.   I spent a couple nights at KOSH and then flew back to meet her in Cody and spend a couple nights there as well.   Then we finally headed home and were back in Seattle 5 hours after departing Cody.  Crazy efficient and wonderful machine.

The scenery east of WY is not very pretty since it is just so flat!  But here are a few pics on the way back over the South/East end of Montana and Wyoming of Devil’s Tower and Yellow Tail reservoir.  Both very pretty sites to see from the airplane.  Also, on the way out of Seattle I had a huge tailwind so I just had to take a picture of my Skyview Display.   Shows 209 knots groundspeed, which is about 241 miles per hour while burning 7.2 gallons per hour.    Crazy Airplane !


Places we have been in our RV-7 ! (Blue 2013, Yellow 2014, Green 2015, Purple 2016, Red 2017)