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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Right Tank

Begun work on the Right Tank (Rebekah's Tank)..   Oh, and I did get her to commit to filling her tank too.  That's cool, I fill my tank..  She fills hers.  Works for me.  ;-)

After final work was complete on the ribs, I went to initial assembly then through the same process as with the left tank.   Drilling the baffle/Z brackets using the Checkoway method is next.

On this tank, I drilled the leading edge attach angle prior to initial assembly.  Here you can see the holes, and the angle attached with clecos.  Also, I will have to drill out the angle for the 3 skin rivets that will come through and interfere with the attach angle.

While I was at it, I worked on the left tank attach angle.  Here it is different because the flop tube needs to go through the angle on this wing.  So a large hole drilled in the middle allows for the tube to be inserted.

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