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Friday, November 6, 2009

Goodies from Van's !

I received some goodies from Van's pictured here.  It's a bummer getting all these items along the way, then waiting for weeks/months before you get to put them on the plane.   You really can't imagine how much work goes into building a plane.  I never would have imagined.   Every piece of metal, every hole, every thing you look at you have to touch 5, 6, maybe even 7 or 12 times.   It's insane actually..   Also, you never know if it is good enough..  What is good enough?  Perfection?  Well that is un attainable so then we are back to wondering what is good enough.  Then once you are in a place like where I am now (and it only gets worse) where you can go in 1 of 20 directions, what do you do next..  OK, so I am stressed right now about this.. So back to my goodies..

These are very cool items and I just can't wait until I get to work with them.
  • 1 Flop Tube for the left tank..  (Aerobatic Fuel Pick Up)
  • 1 Standard Fuel Pick up  for the right tank(could have made one but wanted to see what van offered for 15 bucks)
  • 2 Deluxe Locking Fuel Caps.  (Awesome ! Very nicely machined.  Hope rain water doesn't penetrate these guys to much)
  • 1 Quart Fuel tank sealant / Extra sealant tube
  • 1 Sealant gun. (looks like a pretty expensive caulking gun to me.  I bet you could use a regular caulking gun)
  • 1 Tank Pressure Test kit
  • Lots of 3/32 cleco's (not pictured) 

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