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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tip Up v.s. Slider Canopy

This decision is a tough one that all builders must make.  Luckily, like the landing gear configuration, I don't have to make this decision until I order the fuselage.  I am currently leaning towards:  Tip Up !

Reasons being:
  • Ease of Construction
  • Visibility
  • Visibility
  • Ease of access to Panel
Potential Drawbacks:
  • Less Taxi Ventilation
  • Some think less sexy look.
It seems to be pretty evenly distributed between what builders decide to go with.  I may change my mind, but really think that the visibility is worth it when you are flying.  On the ground, you can still open the tip up while taxiing, and I still think it looks good tipped up when the plane is sitting there.   The only think I won't get is being able to hang my arm out the window when taxiing.   Well, I think we are going to get Bekah a convertible car here pretty soon, so I can get all my hand hanging out done on the road.  Then I won't feel the need to hang it out of the airplane.  ;-)

The tip up is designed so that the back of the panel becomes completely exposed when it is up.  Providing great access to work on instruments...  I could build a modular panel to make it easier to work on the panel of a slider, but still more work and even such isn't as easy as the tip up.

Now I have only flown in a Tip Up RV.  The visibility was unbelievable, it felt like you were sitting on top of the engine and nothing else was there.   I would like to fly in a slider to gauge the difference that the front roll bar and post make, but I am thinking it will definitely distract at first.  I  am sure you get used to it and never see it, but still uninterrupted visibility sounds pretty good to me.

The only thing I want to look further into is how builders seal the front edge of the tip up, I understand if not careful, water can get in.  I live in Seattle and will be flying in the rain, need to avoid water entry as much as possible.

All in All, for now, Tip Up it is.

Tip up Pic:

Slider Pic:


  1. Great minds must think alike Chad. I'm hopefully less than 12 months away from beginning my journey towards flying a sleek RV-7 in Australian skies. I've been researching this quite a bit and I agree 100% that the tail dragger is a much better looking machine whilst adding the extra skill of the tail dragger endorsement. Nothing will make me believe the slider is better than the tip-up canopy either. The advantage of having an unimpeded view of the entire sky would be huge.
    I will be staying tuned to your site to watch your first flight also.
    Regards, Jason C.

  2. What are the Pro's vs. Con's if you end up upside down? I just saw a video of a RV7A that had a nose gear issue. The pilot was trapped in his cockpit until bystanders ran over to lift the plane. I never intend on having an accident, but I'm sure nobody does.

    1. Both Tip Up and Slider have roll bars in case you end up inverted. I have a tail dragger so am not worried about the nose wheel collapsing. -Thx


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