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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Continued Tank Prep

Ok, hit a bit of a snag on the right tank so focused today turned back to the left.   Basically I drilled the root Z bracket off center by about 1/32nd " when compared to the other wing.  It might not have been noticed if I wasn't building the wings both at the same time.  (here is one reason why you might consider building both together)   So an order from Van's should be here shortly with a new Z bracket, some wire and other goodies, but till then back to the left wing.  Note to builders if you drill your Z brackets using similar methods:  The baffle near the top root of the wing is so close to the spar that cleco's will hit the spar and possibly off center the leading edge.  You don't need to ask me how I know this.  ;-)  (It shows it in the plans but is not obvious)

Just the same, lots of Good Looking progress today ! 

Deluxe Fuel Cap drilled for initial fitting:

Complete tank angle attachment with Flop tube inserted. (temporarily)

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