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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Left Top Skin Prep

Still working on the plane, just not on the tank.  Can't do the center ribs on the tank until Bekah is available so waiting until this weekend for that.  Since I have the time and want to continue to make progress I have worked the left top skin.  Removed the vinyl over the top surface rivet lines (using a soldering iron and a straight edge), deburred and dimpled the entire surface.  Also, I scotchrighted the edges with my die grinder and the tiny scotchbright wheel to deburr them.
I am waiting for the Cleaveland edge roller before dimpling the leading edge of the top skin, and the top edge where the two skins overlap.  I really want to have nice edges..  Now I wish I had waited on the leading edges for the tool, but oh well, it will still look nice and you live and learn right ? 

Oh, and from Mike Nipp's site on my home page, I leared this great little trick for removing vinyl from large skins.  Roll it off with a dowel, then slice it off the dowel with a utility nife..

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