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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tanks Continued

Since family is in town, I am not able to move to fast on the plane this week.  I was able to get a bit of soldering practice in on the capacitive sender BNC jacks.  Haven't soldered much, but think with the bit of practice first the final result turned out satisfactory.  I also fitted the vent tube in the tank.  I don't have a flaring tool, so will hopefully be able to borrow one when the time is right.

I also got a surprise from Bekah..  The Bob Archer wingtip antenna.  This guy goes in the fiberglass wingtip and can be used for VOR, ILS and Localizer.  Mounting is critical with this antenna, some people have good results, some marginal, but they work great in RV's.  I am going to have HID lighting in the wing tips as well, so will need to see if there is any noise that interrupts the Nav signal with the lights on.  Landing lights will only be on a fraction of the time when I would be depending on the Nav signal.  (IFR Night Approach)..  If there is any interference, then the right landing light will remain off until airport is in sight.

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