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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fuel Tank - Trap Doors

Tonight I was able to work on the trap doors..  It's little things like this that take a long time and you never realize.  These guys as I said earlier keep the fuel in the inner most fuel bay in the wing where the fuel pick ups are, so that when you are turning (especially on final) the fuel doesn't run to the outside of the low wing and...  ut oh...

Anyway, these are done at this point, apart from the trimming that will happen when I actually install them on the inner tank ribs.  You will see them installed later on.  I also worked on one of the Leading Edge/Tank attach strips.  Drilling and dimpling for the nutplates.  Many people here get pillowing of the tank skin compared to the leading edge skin.   I have a theory on that.  The nutplates are straight and for the 3/4 inch or so they try to straighten the curve of the tank skin right near the leading edge.   I am going to bend my nutplates a bit hopefully to pull the skin into the curve so you don't get pillowing between the nutplates.  We will see if that works..

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