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Sunday, August 23, 2015

"The Alvord" - - Weekend Trip to the Desert

One of my goals in the RV has been to make it to Alvord Desert.  Its in the Southeast corner of Oregon and sits at about 4100 feet in Elevation.  About 3 hours from Seattle with a stop in Burns Oregon for Fuel, the desert is definitely in reach for a weekend away.  The summer has been so nice in Seattle, but of course the day of the flight to Alvord, Paine was low IFR and scheduled to be until about Mid Day.  Turns out we were meeting people in Burns, and the weather was pretty good for an IFR departure, so I filed to Burns and off we went.  At about 500 feet we were in the clouds but it only lasted for about 10 mins..  Then we were in and out for the first ½ hour of the flight.  I filed for 7K, but asked for 9 since we could see the blue above us.  They finally gave us 9K and we climbed right out to the blue on top.

Got some fuel in Burns, and went the 1/2 hour to Alvord on full tanks.  Such an amazing experience.  Here are some photos and a video of our departure the following day.  Just an overnight, but with stargazing, fireworks, rockets, flares, drones and all kinds of fun night activities it really was a great get away.  The flight home was uneventful, we stopped in The Dalles for fuel, and with a slight headwind make it home in just over 3 ½ hours.

Click below for the Video !   Make sure you set your Settings to HD.

Video - Chasing my Shadow over the Alvord


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