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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Root Z Brackets installed

After Several Challenges and lots of Stress and Frustration.   Oh and even some Difficulty, the Root Z Brackets are now installed on both wings.  This piece of work shouldn't have been such a hassle but it was for us.  A combination of things contributed to the challenge almost like making this a perfect storm, but we got it done.   I had to borrow a solid 1 inch flat rivet set from a friend which ended up working great, then the bucking bar underneath was difficult to work around the spar and the spar web from between the ribs.  I am not super happy with the results either since the bucking bar nicked the spar web...   I have already confirmed with the Van's Forums that Bekah and I have no issues here.  Bucking the underside of those rivets was a pain, but we got it done and now the Z Bracket is in place and ready to support the Tank.

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