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Monday, October 12, 2009

Wing Walk Doublers

Next Step is the wing walk Doublers.. I was able to cut them both and temporarily installed the left one underneath the skin on the left wing near the root. The doublers are designed to make the wing stronger where you walk on it to get into the plane.

You start by cutting some aluminum sheet which I think is probably wing skin scrap that Vans throws into the kit. Then you match drill using the skins as a guide. I slid the cut doubler under the skin and used clecos drilling directly into the plywood to hold the assembly tight and make for perfect matched holes.

Below you can see the doubler between the skin and the wing root ribs. It is supposed to come right up to the rear of the main spar flange. Looks like it turned out pretty well..

I do have one gripe, all in all the directions were terrible for this piece of work and I am disappointed that Van's hasn't updated them. The pieces that you are supposed to use for the doublers are clearly identified, but the directions say that once cut to the exact measurements it is supposed to overhang the rear spar by 1 inch. You can see that it doesn't in the below shot. I have followed up and this is the normal set up, but sure makes you worry for a bit until you look into it.

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