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Monday, October 5, 2009

Wing Ribs - Complete !

I never thought the ribs would take so long. Lots of builders complain about them, but until you are in the middle of them you never realize the amount of work. I probably put in a total of 40 hours all up on the ribs. But they are done now and looking good. Here are a few pictures of the Rib Party in the garage and of different stages of the process...

Deburring, Seaming, Fluting, Conduit/Wiring Hole drilling, Match drilling to Spars, More Deburring, Scuffing with Scotchbrite, Washing with dawn, Alumiprep Bath, Alodine Bath.. PPG Two Part Epoxy Primer... - DONE ! !

-These babies will NEVER be touched by corrosion..

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