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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lighting and Emp Work

I have been continuing to work on the empennage and am getting close to being finished with the entire tail apart from the fairing, which will need to wait till the weather warms up due to the associated fiberglass work.   But for now I put on the lower fairing and installed Pulsar SunTail LED position and strobe light.   I am really surprised at how hard it was to get the screws and nuts in to hold that little light, but after about 40 minutes of fiddling with it I finally got it done.

Also, I wired up the glare shield lights which needed to wait until the canopy was on for the last time.  These turned out great and really add light to the cockpit when turned on high and the canopy is opened.  Also, I wired up the defrost fan, but for some reason the circuit trips shortly after it gets turned on.  Will need to look into that one..

I finished the day by wiring up the elevator trim tab and safety tying the hinge pin.


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