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Friday, December 7, 2012

Canopy Fairing Continued, Continued

Another day of work on the canopy fairing.  I sanded again for an hour and things are looking really good.  Some minor low spots so it needs one or two more sessions before I can put some primer on it and call it good.  Here is a shot of it after the sanding session, then another pic with another coating of dyed epoxy with Microballoons.  I probably don't need to be using black dye anymore, but it looks good and I think it makes it easier to see low spots.   Also, with the microbaloons I don't need to use the peel ply which also makes it easier to see low spots since they stay shiney.  Each coat I am completely recoating the entire surface, as it seems to work better.  Finallly I was really nervous about getting close to the tape, but its stronger than you think and I peal off the yellow each time leaving on the PVC tape which is underneath the yellow (the PVC tape is extreamly tough).

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