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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Canopy Fairing Continued

After the 7 layers cured from the first session, I took some #40 grit sandpaper on the backside of a rubber sanding block and started shaping the sloped curve in the front.   About an hour of sanding and it started looking pretty good.  There was a lower spot through the length of the curve, which will be filled with additional coats of epoxy.   I also made sure at this point to scuff up the entire forward metal surface.  Then after cleaning the entire forward canopy fairing and skin, I mixed some additional dyed epoxy with micro-balloons to coat the entire area with a thick layer.  This process will be replicated several times.   Once this dries its back to sanding but it should be easier with the micro-balloons in the epoxy.  Covering the entire front section will hide all the rivets and make it look very smooth when complete.  I also buried the exposed screw heads that hold the strut block on the inside.   Hope I don’t ever need to get to those in the future.

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