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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Canopy Final Fit

A friend came over yesterday and helped me put the canopy on for what might be the last time ?  ?   It will definitely be the last time before I head to the airport that is for certain.  It went on well and looks good.  It’s weird to think it has been over a year since I had it on the plane.  Anyway, the leading edge had to be filed down a bit as it kept wanting to catch when I opened the canopy.  Also, the passenger side is about 1/16th inch wide (overhang) which I will need to work on somehow, but other than that it fits great.  These canopies are so difficult to fit because of so many moving parts during construction that builders often don’t end up with perfect fits.  But with a few tweaks mine will be just great.  Next step is to work on the canopy lugs and fit the rear windscreen.  That will require quite a bit of plexi sanding which shouldn't be a problem.   I’ll be finished before Friday which is a good thing…..  BIG MOVE THIS WEEKEND !

I have coordinated help with Trucks and Trailers to make the big move this weekend !   Taking the RV up to her permanent home at Paine Field !   Then it’s a lot of cold weather work to get her ready for the summer.  ;-)

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  1. Congrats on the canopy! Looking forward to hearing how the move goes.


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