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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One wing on !

Lots of progress this weekend.  Started with a plan to have a friend meet Bekah and I at the hangar to help get the wing on.  I thought through as much as I could ahead of time and with the 3 of us and a 4th that showed up last minute we got the wing pined on with drift pins really easily.   I then rubbed some Boe Lube all over the NAS bolts and while Bekah lifted the wing tip to unload the bolts, I drove the first (an upper) one in with a rubber mallet and no issues at all.  Then I tried to drive a lower bolt and it was so close to the floor that I hesitated, plus it wasn’t going in so well..  Then I was loaned a short rivet gun.  Bekah again unloaded the wing by lifting the tip and the rivet gun helped slide the bolt right in.  Was crazy how smooth it went in by smacking it with a rivet gun.

Then I spend the rest of the day working the wiring in the wing root and hooking up the fuel lines etc.  At this point, the right wing is pretty well in place now.. Time to move to the left.

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