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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A New Look

I installed the rudder got in the cockpit and worked the pedals.  Everything was great, the rudder swung from stop to stop and all was good.  Then I got ambitious and started hooking up the tail wheel chains and cut them too short, so will need to make another order from Vans.  After that I took a look at the blue protective cover, knowing that with the plane at the airport it will have to come off pretty soon.  So I test pulled a piece off the rudder and underneath there was a bunch of residue on the metal..  I kind of freaked out and started yanking blue off the entire fuse.  Lucky for me the only real place where residue existed was on the rudder, so I cleaned it up good with acetone and a microfiber cloth, then gave the whole plane a onceover.   Now the plane has a very shiney new look.

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