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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Empennage goes back on

Now that I am at the hangar and have been able to get it somewhat set up, I started working on the plane again.   I installed the Vertical and Horizontal stabilizer for the last time !   Since I had already fit them previously, all I had to do was torque the bolts down and make sure everything went into place.   I haven’t completely finished the empennage tips, but am assuming I can do them after the fact..  Will do a little research on that before I go too far down the road.

I also swapped my flag because I had it backwards.   Who would have known there is a specific way to hang a flag on a vertical wall, but I definitely want to make sure its hanging correctly.

Don’t mind the clutter in the hangar, I haven’t got it fully fitted out yet.  ;-)

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