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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Roll Bar, New Fuel Pump and Fuel Valve !

As work continues on the Roll Bar, I received some goodies in the mail the other day.  My EFII Boost Pump is here as well as my Andair fuel valve.  These items are looking good and I will talk more about them below..  For the roll bar, I finished the priming and am starting final assembly.  Pulling out my back rivet set I was able to clamp it down to the bench and begin riveting the two halves together for front and back.  Also, I mounted the upper support angles to the rear section of the roll bar..  The straps are ready to be inserted for final riveting.   I am trying to be very careful and keep the width of the roll bar very precise..  I should know by this weekend if things are looking good or not.

So the biggest topic of the day is my new EFII pump.  Here is a pic of what comes in the box.   Looks pretty good and I am excited to start figuring out how to mount this.   This thing is brand new to the market so not many people have explored how to mount this in a 7..  I had a few ideas but really needed to see the size and shape to come to my intended plan..  So for now it is starting to come together in my mind, and in fact I was able to bend and flare my first piece of tubing.  My borrowed tube bender just happends to bend the 180 degree bend at the exact correct diameter to connect the filter ontop of the pump, so it looks like I will be able to keep this unit tight and compact and leverage the Vans Fuel Pump Cover to come up with a straight forward install..  Time will tell..  ;-) 

Also, my Andair Fuel Valve is looking good.  The original plate was quite pitted so Andair sent me a new one..  They are very upper end and highly priced, but do stand behind their products quite nicely.   

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