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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Forward Elevator Push-rod

There are two elevator push-rods that connect in series from the control column all the way to the back of the plane at the elevator.  They attach and pivot on an arm just aft of the cabin.  I test fit the forward push-rod and all went well.  Its funny though, because everything that has been put in must be taken out to allow for this this thing to be inserted into position.  Also, there is only ONE way that you can get it into place and its an awkward back and forth motion through the holes in F-705 and F-706..  Once it is in, it fit really well, the motion was very smooth..   Some builders have trouble with the rod rubbing on F-705 and the aft wing spar support bar, but luckily mine flowed smoothly.  It was close though, so I may remove some material as others have done, but just enough so that during turbulence it doesn't make contact.  Also, I need to remove it so that I can drill a hole in the pivot arm just aft of the cabin for the autopilot servo..  Forgot to do that earlier, but other than that I think this will be able to stay in for the rest of the build.

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