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Monday, March 28, 2011

Roll Bar (Cabin Frame Cont.)

Continuing on the roll bar, I finished the drilling of the top plates just like the bottom ones using cut wood spacers to ensure proper thickness of the rollbar.  Then countersunk every hole (there are a lot of them)..   You have to kind of guess at the countersinking because the bend in the roll bar makes it impossible to use the countersink guide.  Also, I did the countersinking with the strap in place so that the countersink cutter had an appropriate guide to keep the countersink centered..    I then drilled the angles that are used to attach it to the overhead support going back to the F=706 bulkhead.   I also created a cover for the support going back to F-706 with some scrap.  This creates sort of an overhead console that I will use for lighting options down the road.   I am thinking a 8 dollar mini LED dome light and a rotational eyeball light both located in the console and connected to the same switch.  That way both lights be used for night ops, and if a map light is needed I will have that option during flight.   Not sure if this will be my final decision yet, but its sounding good right now.

I test fit the roll bar assembly and was surprised at what I found..  The inside edge of the roll bar currently is interfering with the outside edge of my seat backs..  There are some tight tolerances here and I will need to figure out the best way to resolve the issue.  It won’t be a problem and can be used as is, but I definitely want to make sure the final solution is robust and permanent. 

I have prepped the aluminum for the Roll Bar assembly and will prime it at the next available time then start final assembly.

No Pics as the camera was otherwise engaged..  But I will have some down the road to post.

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