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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Roll Bar

I started work on the Roll Bar today with all the fabrication of the various mounting angles.  These guys were pretty tricky to cut and there are a lot of them.  Here is a picture of all the finished pieces and all the shavings from the mitre-saw.  BTW, I have been using a standard multi tooth wood blade in my mitre-saw to cut almost all the metal angles that have needed to be cut.  It works great if you go slow, and doesn't dull the blade at all.  Also I deburred all the roll bar bends..

After that the Roll Bar gets tricky and I am going to do some research since it is such a critical part.   I was able to lay out the measurements of the fuse on my workbench and accounting for the attachment angles (per the lines drawn on my table) I drilled the first piece where the doubler attaches the two pieces at the top.  I drilled this with 3/32nd straight into the table.  These will get drilled to 1/8 down the road, but I am waiting to make sure I am on target.

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