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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Continued Roll Bar (AKA Cabin Frame)

This part is unusually complex when it comes down to it.  No pre-punched holes so everything needs to be measured and drilled, also, there are so many pressures/torques that you need to deal with when the metal pieces come together that many builders end up with the Roll Bar doing funny things when it is finally riveted.  Mainly either shrinking or expanding in width.  This is the critical piece because the roll bar and end attachment angles need to be exactly the width of the fuse when finished.   So I am taking it slow..  Last night was able to drill the lower attachment flange into the rear half of the roll bar.  It went well, but again I won't know if I am completely on target until the whole thing comes together..  The next step is the upper flange..  To get the flanges to fit you really need to take a lot of metal off them so that they fit into the "bend" of the roll bar channel flange.   I will get more detailed pics of this as I go.

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