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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fuel Tank Vents

In the RV, the fuel tank vents come inside the cabin, are routed up to the side rail level, then back down out the floor by the firewall to angled pick ups that allow for positive pressure during flight.  This routing eliminates the risk of siphoning fuel out of the tank, but provides positive pressure in flight and the ability to vent tanks normally when on the ground.

Bending the 1/4 inch tube was a bit challenging at first, but not that bad overall.  I was able to use a combination of hand pressure and a tube bending tool that I borrowed from a fellow builder.  Also, there is the flaring that needs to happen where the tube connects to the fittings.  No pictures of the flaring, I will try to get some later.

There were two difficult parts of this piece of work..  First the bend where the tube needs to flex around where the rudder cable goes through.  I found that securing the fitting like seen in the first picture, then bending by hand works really well here, since it is such a tight fit and you have to have the sleeve in place anyway.

The next difficult place was that the bend near the side rails needs to be bent far enough to allow for the sub-panel flange to be in place.  My first attempt shown below interfered with the sub-panel, so after all my work, more bending needed to take place once I test fit the panel.  all in all it turned out great..  Now onto the  Roll Bar...

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