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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seat Floors Riveted

I made tons of progress last night and finally was able to rivet down the seat pans for good.  I went with the traditional pulled rivet installation route since I had conduit under the seats for wiring purposes.   Even so, it wasn't that easy as each rivet needed to be finessed into the holes through the seats and into the ribs.  I installed the rivets in every other hole throughout the entire seat before pulling any of them to make sure I was able to get them in smoothly.   After that it went pretty fast.

I also was able to mount the center internal flap console components and arm rests and baggage side panels and even seat belts to get a feel for how this is going to look.   It is coming together quite nice and I do love the internal color now and the contrast with the black in the seats..  Big milestone down..   I already asked Bekah for a date sitting in the airplane and drinking a bit of wine on Friday night.  ;-)  Wahoo !

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