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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Top Skins Drilled

Tonight I put on the forward top skin and finished drilling both of them along with the Top J Channels..  I can't believe how much this changes the look of things.  It looks really cool and I am very excited to be at this point in the build.  The only concern is that it will look similar to this for quite a long time..  Lots of work goes on inside the plane for the next few months.  There is still a small attach angle that I need to drill to the top skin rib, and F706 under the forward skin, which is supposed to be fairly difficult, I will wait to do that over the weekend.  Just enjoyed staring at this thing for a while tonight..

Also, I was able to work on some conduit attach angles that I will mount below the seats and baggage floor to support conduit runs.  This will come together probably over the weekend.

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