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Monday, February 7, 2011

Static Ports

I wanted to get my static system in before putting the rear skin back on, but didn't have any pro seal to do the job..  This is a bummer because such a small amount is needed I didn't want to buy a whole new tub.  Luckily, I was able to borrow some from a fellow builder just down the road which was just perfect for my situation..  Basically for the install,  I cleaned away the primer around the 1/4 inch hole, scuffed up the surface of the skin and the surface of the static port.  Then using a thin layer of pro seal I mounted both ports on each side of the fuse.  I drilled a hole in a small block of wood so that the port was unobstructed, then used a clamp on both sides to ensure pressure while it sets up.  Looks good and will have a definite seal since I drilled some holes in the port to ensure the pro seal got a good grip...   I am concerned though because as I screw on the 90 degree fitting for the static tubing, it needs to set vertical for my plumbing run.  I just attached the ports with no concern of where that 90 degree fitting would end up when it is finally screwed in.  I hope there is some wiggle room tomorrow when I test it out..

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