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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Priming, Panting, and starting on seat pans..

I needed to get a lot of peripheral stuff done before I move onto the rear baggage bulkhead.  I have been working fairly consistently over the last few days but not posting.  First, as I looked forward to the baggage compartment I made sure that all parts were drilled and prepped, then primed all the rear top skins and baggage compartment parts.  After that I final top coated the baggage floor and side walls, as well as the appropriate visible piece of the forward top skin.  This turned out fairly well.  While that was all drying, I started mapping out the hinge components on the seat pans.  The seats in an RV-7 are adjustable, but only on the ground.  There is a hinging system that allows the bottom of the seat backs (where they touch the seat pans) to be in 3 different fore and aft locations.  Pretty slick, but this take a lot of time and patience to lay out and drill..

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