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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fuse Odds and Ends

I ordered my fuel pump and my fuel selector..  I went with the new boost pump from EFII, and the Andair Fuel selector.  Very excited for these items to arrive.   (If you click on these links, use your back button to return to this page)

The EFII pump is brand new and should be a real winner, plus it is made in America..  (just like the rest of my airplane)..   I am a bit nervous because there is no previous install examples to choose from..  So this is truly going to be experimental, but that is why I am here I guess.   I look forward to the challenge.   I will go into some good detail on how I do it and hopefully it will be useful for others down the road.  Most likely I will be leveraging what others have done with various fuel pump installations.  Not completely unknown territory.

After these orders I started working on some of the fuel selector panel and other front panels.   My  next big step is a major priming/painting section, then get moving on the seats and flaps etc..  Looking forward to sitting in the plane..

Also, after taking longer than I thought I was able to cut and tap the Flap push-rods..  Sometimes steps take much longer than they should..  This was one of them...  But I am past it now..  The blue tape is to keep the lock washer in place since they won't be connected to the flaps for many moons..

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