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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Arm rests and seat floors

Tonight I went through and reinforced the arm rests.  Many people have issues with these bending over time under weight as people adjust themselves in the seats.  While passengers will always be told these aren't designed to support body weight, I still am taking the extra time to reinforce them.  I had some left over floor support angles that I mis-drilled..  These babies worked perfect under the armrest for some additional strength.    The photos are a bit over exposed but hopefully you get the picture.

I also finished drilling the hinges to the seats that hold the seat backs..  These were quite a challenge and I wouldn't recommend using the Van's provided measurements.   The holes, if measured exact conflict with the flanges of the seat floor ribs.  Others have had problems on the aft hinge where the holes are to close to the seat rib rivet.  Take your time on this step, and look at it from all angles.  

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