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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wiring and Panel work

My exhaust arrived last week, no pictures, but its here and ready for the engine..   The engine has been test ran and will most likely ship next week, so I will have it quite soon..  In the meantime I continued working on electrical and panel.   Mainly my plan was to finish as much wire runs as possible, at least getting the wires to the general location.  I got the aft GPS antenna cable ran, the pilot stick switch wires ran, all my pitot/static tubes inside the cabin ran, both my com antenna cables, and that is about it.  Lots of wires now, routed all throughout.  Looks colorful don't you think..   Also, this is the last picture through the firewall, since tonight I will be sealing up the firewall recess..

I also was able to finish the Map Box and add some better imagery to my panel.  This gives a better idea of what it will look like.   Also, a view of the wire runs under the cabin floor.  Notice the writing on the Passenger Warning !  

Here you will see that I also painted the outside sub-panel sections and am ready to rivet those in place for good as well.  When I do that I  might add the top skin if at all possible, because I know the top skin forces the whole forward deck down about 1/16 inch.   I want to make my canopy fit as good as it did when I first installed it, so I want to make sure all rivets are set with the same stresses in the metal as were there when I cut the canopy.

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