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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Firewall Recess

There was only one goal for this work session..  Rivet and seal the firewall recess.  The recess is designed so the prop governor on the engine can fit in the recess, but still forward of the firewall.    Up to now I have had a large hole that provided great access from out front, but I knew that wouldn't last forever..   I can’t think of anything else I need to do on the front lower area inside the cabin, so have now sealed it up and am ready for the engine. 

The entire process took about an hour and was a great mini project that had a beginning and an end.  Those are always nice.   I mixed up some sealant, and put a bead on the flange then clecod the recess in place.  Then started riveting.   I did have to take off the battery, heat box, VP-X support, and brake lines in the cabin.  These will all go back on shortly.  

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