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Friday, February 10, 2012

Don't forget that oil breather hose clamp ! !

Wouldn’t you know it..  The day after I seal up the firewall opening, I realize that I need to drill out one more rivet from the front and install a nutplate so that I can bolt on the oil breather line adel clamp.  I don’t feel too bad, because the drawing is a bit confusing.   I looked at it and where this nutplate goes it indicates “alternate location for engine ground”.  Well I am going to use the top of the firewall to ground the engine, so I moved on, and didn’t realize this nutplate is also used to secure the oil breather..  ugh..
To complicate this, the nutplate is right behind a bar on the engine mount, so to drill the holes and shoot the rivets I had to get creative.   All in all, anything is possible, it’s just a matter of how difficult.   This one turned out to be fairly difficult but doable..   A recoverable mistake is always a good one..    Like any landing you can walk away from..   J

With Bekah’s help I used an angle drill to open up the holes for the #10 screw and nutplate attach points.   Then she bucked the face of the firewall while I back riveted the nutplate from inside the fuse.  Not an easy task, but we got it done per plans.

I also started sorting out the pressure transducer.   This unit holds the pressure sensors and the tubes that feed pressure directly from the source to the sensor.  I am setting it up so that top is the manifold pressure, middle is oil pressure, and bottom if fuel pressure.

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