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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Snuck in the Engine Start Button

Well, the Engine is here, I am  now waiting for the prop and governor.  I need to install the governor before I hang the engine, well, at least that is my plan.   I am still doing other research to determine what I need to do before hanging it.  In the meantime I borrowed a hoist which is mega stout from a friend in my EAA Chapter, put it together and it awaits the big event..

But the Honda S-2000 engine start button also showed up, so I quickly punched a hole in the panel and mounted that.  Theres more work to do on the start button, but I got it in the panel to make sure I am going to like where I put it.  When ever the engine isn't running, this button will be lit and enabled by the VP-X (if the master switch is on).  As soon as constant RPMs are detected, the button is disabled to protect from accidental activation.

I wired the button by hijacking a computer floppy disk drive plug.  It fits perfectly with the design of the button and I moved the wires around a bit so you have Red: power coming from the VP-X, Black: going to Ground for the light, and the switched Yellow goes to the starter relay.  Pretty simple process and the engine start button looks cool!

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