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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pilot Stick and Nav/Strobe wiring

I decided to get the pilot stick wire runs figured out along with the strobe and nav lights.   The Nav and Strobe lights are hard to wire even though they seem simple.  I am going with LED lights and they recommend you have a shielded wire where the shield is locally ground as well as firewall ground.  But also you need one circuit to run to both wing tips and the tail, as well as a "sync" wire that connects the strobes together to ensure they fire at the same time.  In my case I am running all the lights from the right wing through the fuse to the left wing bay where I will connect them all and run them forward.   So across the center of my fuse I have a strobe wire, nav wire, sync wire in a shielded bundle.  I am going to sync the wing tip strobes, but  not the tail.  I am not going to run a sync wire all the way forward, so the tail strobe will fire randomly which is fine by me.

The wire bundles are combined with the pitot tube and AOA tube coming from the ADAHRS behind the baggage compartment, and go through the outer ribs to go forward as well as out to the wing tip..  Also, the Pilot stick wiring is complete and feeds through the same snap bushings going forward to the VP-X.  Pilot stick as I indicated earlier contains switches for  roll trim, pitch trim, push to talk, A/P disconnect, and com radio flip flop..

I know it sounds confusing, but its the only way to get this done.   Looking at the photos, at least the runs look clean.  :-)

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