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Monday, February 20, 2012

Look what Showed up today !

My last huge shipment showed up today.  The Engine is here !   This baby will be leading the way for us all over the country for the next many years.  The engine is quite impressive from AeroSport and I am so happy with my color choice, it looks just amazing in person. it is so great to finally have this thing in my hands.  Just as my non motion insurance kicks in, the engine shows up.  Makes me feel better that I have some coverage now that this is sitting in my garage.

I tried to take lots of pics from different angles to refer to later as necessary and will post them here.  The first one is how it came wrapped in the crate.

Below are some front/side and back shots for future reference.   You can see the Left Mag, Fuel pump, and oil filter in the first one.   Second is head on, which shows the LightSpeed EI ignition wire and so on.   I don't have a good shot of the starter, will need to get that one later.

I haven' t found any AeroSport shirts.  Hopefully they will come out in one of the boxes,  I still have those yet to go through tonight.


  1. Hi Chad,

    I am also building a RV-7A and I have used your web site as a reference along the way. I noticed your engine cylinder heads look like they are not painted. Did you order them that way for a reason?

    1. Hey John, I chose to leave them as Superior supplies, they are black painted bases with alodined heads. I could have had them painted, but liked the contrast.


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