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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Loads of Electrical Work !

In order to keep making progress I continue to work on electrical while I wait for my engine.   My approach is to get all the wires ran to where they need to be, then come back to tidy up and secure them with the terminals as I focus on certain areas.   I suppose there are different ways to work through electrical, but with my knowledge so far, this works for me.  At this point I have learned about enough to be dangerous.  ;-)

So I have ran about 90% of all my wires down through the conduit to the rear of the plane.  I have lots of wiring behind the panel yet to do, and firewall forward, but for the remainder I have ran about everything.   I still need to do my runs for the Skyview Network and all the lighting out to where the wings join the fuse, but that is about it.  I also have ran my Pitot/Static/AOA tubing and am pretty happy how it turned out.   My runs remain straight and efficient.   I have Pitot and Static running both to the Panel (for the Gemini) as well as to the AHARS (Dynon) in the tail cone.   My AOA only runs to the tail cone.   Junctions are in the left wing root section as well as near the AHARS.

I have also just started labeling and grounding my wires up front at the firewall ground block.  I am grouping some wires where it makes sense, such as my two seat heat grounds, my two auto pilot servo grounds, and probably others to save tabs on my ground block.  Critical components I will ground Individually, such as the VP-X grounds.   Also, I was able to run the first few VP-X grounds to the block as well.  Not long and I will update the software in the VP-X and start to connecting the remaining wires to it.

All this fun, can’t be complete without some Left Seat Time.  ;-)   I was able to sit in place and play around with my panel layout.   Liking the way it is coming together at this point.  I temporarily installed the throttle quadrant and really like the way the throttle/flaps/fuel pump switches are aligned.

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