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Monday, January 30, 2012

Initial Panel Cutting

Couple of interesting points..  

1) At this point I really can work on plenty of various items.  There are no clear directions for this part of the build, and since I am waiting for my engine, prop/governor, and exhaust I really can't go any further on the firewall forward, so I thought its time to work a bit on the Panel.

2) Also, Sometimes in building, you are really worried about moving forward since you don’t have the path completely figured out.  For me it has happened a few times and now I am in the same boat with the Panel.   I do know what I want and want to get going, but don’t have all the components yet.  So considering the risk I took the chance and went for it.   Hopefully this work won’t need to be repeated, but a new panel blank is only 40 bucks or so from Van’s so if I need to do it again at least that is an option.

So for now, I started cutting where the Gemini will go using a 3 1/8 inch hole saw which worked great.  I wanted to use a panel punch since this will be a visible cut.   At high speed and clamping everything down, the hole saw left an amazing cut.   Looking good so far, I went ahead and started punching 15/32nd holes for the switches.  My panel is going to be as effective as I can make it, yet as simple as possible.  Also added the parking brake in an area of the panel where it can be easily released from standing outside the aircraft, also the 10 amp non-switched power point.

Right now I can’t start cutting holes for the Skyview and the 650, but I had already started the map box, so I continued with it.  Almost finishing the map box, which has some very critical points to it, but they all came out fairly well and I am happy with it.  Don't mind the scratches, the panel is thick and they will be all buffed out, then it will be coated with some thick paint or powder coat..  Its gonna look nice.  ;-)

Panel is now officially underway.  Keep the fingers crossed ! !    

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