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Monday, March 5, 2012

Prop and Governor

This weekend I went over to Eastern Washington to pick up my Propeller..  I won't go into details why I had it shipped into an Idaho location then picked up by my friend, but the point is I have m prop now.   Its a WW 200RV constant speed prop.  Carbon fiber blades with a nickel metal leading edge.  Its about 18 pounds lighter than the equivalent aluminum prop.  I am super excited to have this in my hands now..  I went with yellow tips, but they came out a bit lighter than I would have liked, but no looking back now so I will love them and move on.  Here are some pics from the I-phone:

I also picked up the PCU-5000X governor which basically allows me to adjust the RPM to a "constant speed".  This ties into the backside of the engine and powers to pitch of the prop via oil pressure.   I used the standard Van's Mount for the cable, but had to modify the holes a bit and deepen up the curve that fit on the governor..  Not to much work and it fits great.   I was confused a bit on the gaskets since it looks like there is an extra hole in the gasket that is not in the governor mount.  Maybe it is so you can reverse the gasket?  But the screen is bowed out, so no way to reverse the gasket..  I need to verify the way I mounted this and determine the final torque values for the governor bolts, then I will be wrapped up and ready to hang the engine.  I had some extra time so I test fit the cable, works great.  After these photos I re-installed the safety wire that had to be removed to fit the cable bracket.  I learned that Safety tying wire is an art, and after a few attempts I got all the screws to the point where I was comfortable.

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