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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Continued Plexi Work - Rear Window

Now that I have drilled the main canopy, I am continuing to fit the rear window and finish all edges.  Basically I cut it down enough to fit into place, then I traced the outline of the window on the plexi. From there I used tape to mark off about ¾ inch from the line and went back to the cutting wheel and sliced up the rear window.  Fits fairly well now, but not drilled yet.  That is for tonight.

Also, I was worried about scratching the plexi so I uncovered it temporarily to make sure it was still clean.  Yup, no scratches yet so that is good.  Will cover it back up tonight after drilling and put it away in a nice safe spot for the next couple years..   ;-)

Also, I am starting to work on the exterior canopy side sheets.  Hopefully progress there tonight as well.

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