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Friday, August 26, 2011

Drilled the Canopy !

OK, I didn’t get pictures during the process, but will explain what I did and post as many pics as I can come up with.  Basically I continued to cut and fit the canopy one more time after completing the riveting of the glare shield.   (I fit and drilled the frame stiffeners, but did not rivet them yet)    Also, I did mark and drill all holes to #40 in the frame side rails and canopy bow.  The plan is to drill through the plexi and hit each hole.

After placing the canopy on and fitting it one last time with tons of duct tape and Bekah’s help to hold it down tight.  I went ahead and using PLEXI BITS drilled the plexi holes to full size (5/32nds) the first time.  (i.e. no pilot hole..)   I did this because I found that drilling a fresh hole never cracked or splintered the exit of the plexi, only when I first drilled a smaller hole, then followed with a bigger bit did it pull and tug and provide small fractures on the exit.   Drilling this way I was able to hit dead center on each #40 hole in the frame and come away with perfect holes in the canopy.   I started at the top back putting in clecos as I went, and skipped a couple holes the first pass as I moved down and to the front.   I came back and drilled out all other holes after the canopy was pretty much locked in position.  It all worked great!   I removed the canopy and ran the debur tool slightly over each hole to get a smooth edge..   Next step is to countersink the holes in the canopy for the #6 screws and open up the holes in the frame to #27.

After drilling the canopy, I then finished drilling the center section of the canopy bow.  Making sure that it was snug up against the canopy and clamped before drilling, then removing the canopy.  I also was able to drill on the canopy center locking assembly that I had fabricated about a month ago to the center of the bow..   So far everything has turned out well..  Next steps here is to back rivet the center “bow” section so I can move on..  Before unclamping the bow, I closely measured the width at the base so I can make sure to get it exactly the same when I back rivet it.  I want to make sure to get as smooth a canopy fit as possible.  J    That’s all there is to it !

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