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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Glare Shield Riveting

I was able to get through about ½ of the riveting on the front deck/canopy frame.  It went smoother than I thought and ended up turning out pretty nice..  My fit between the canopy frame and the front top skin remains very consistent.  (but I have yet to mount the struts which might impact this fit.)  It was amazing how strong this became…   Its always funny how a few rivets makes the assembly bullet proof.  I haven’t even started riveting the canopy frame stiffener assembly yet and it is super tight.  I did put a few shims in  the outside edge of the canopy frame, and will end up putting some #6 Stainless Washers in where the gaps are on the outside edge of the glare shield.  All builders have to deal with this problem, and I think the washers are the simplest and elegant solution.  I will show pics of this in later posts. 

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