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Friday, August 5, 2011

Canopy Cutting Day 2

After a trip to Oshkosh (AirVenture 2011) and NY for a family wedding, I am back to work on the project. The weather is good here these days, so it’s the perfect time to continue cutting on the canopy. My plan is to take it slow and cut small strips off to creep up on the final fit. Today I cut the tooling marks off the sides and also cut an additional strip off the front trying to match the contour that will be needed to fit the glare shield.

I almost nailed the contour and hope to keep it this accurate as I continue cutting on it. Basically, the front needs to be cut off until it lowers the height of the canopy to the point where it is straight across and as close to the roll bar as possible. From the pic below (the blurry not so good one) you can see I have about an entire inch above the roll bar.. This definitely needs to be lower. My plan is to cut ½ inch off the front again and see where it gets me. Then I will work on the front corners and sides a bit before the big cut.. Still lots to do on this but I am excited for the day where the cutting is over. It’s hot with all the protective gear on and no way that you can’t do this without being messy…

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