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Monday, August 8, 2011

Canopy Cutting Day 3

Today I took slice after slice off the leading edge of the canopy.  4 in total, equaling to about a total of 1.3 inches..  This lowered the canopy well but not all the way to the roll bar.   I am nervous to go any further until after the big cut.  Its currently about 2/8 inch from the roll bar, and fits like a glove over the glare shield.  I think we are good enough for now.

I also started to line up the canopy and tape up a line for the big cut.  This is where the canopy is  cut in two pieces one for the rear window and one for the tipping part above me and the passenger.  You can see here that after I made sure the canopy edges were duck taped to the canopy frame tight that I used several layers of masking tape the make the clean line for the cut.  It looks good and is ready to cut. I hope to make the big cut soon…

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