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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Continued Canopy Frame

I haven't entered a post for a while, but have been working away quite consistently..  Let me try to sum up my progress..   I drilled and final finished the rear window.  Fit it then wrapped it up and set it aside..  That window won't come out again until it is ready to be installed permanently.  I also started working and actually finished my side rails on the canopy frame.  These guys went fairly easy, but the trick is to make sure the canopy frame assembly is in its final position, which means the front top skin needs to be on when you fit the and cut the side skins (AKA Side skirts).  After they were drilled, fit and primed I riveted them in place.  Just moving along quickly with this canopy I actually final coated the canopy frame..  Black and I think it looks good..  Also did some final finishing of the canopy plexi edges.   I left the rear of the canopy about 1/16 inch long for now and will trim it as necessary after the front top skin is riveted in place.

Next step is to figure out if I want to install a defrost fan, or just finish this thing up by riveting in the stiffeners.  I will mull on that for a couple days and talk to some guys on the blogs.

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