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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tail Cone Parts dimpling and deburring

No Pics this time because nothing much has changed except I took the whole tail cone apart and deburred, then dimpleled the skins.  This took forever, but is now complete.   I have the skins all preped and ready for priming.  Plan is to prime tomorrow then start working on completing the tail cone.

I also, decided to prime the steel tail spring assebly and then paint it.  First I was going to Powdercoat it, but I am frustrated with the quality of material on the tail spring.  I had to really work the rod to be able to get it into the receiver and it still doesn't go in smooth, plus the receiver is not welded straight...   I have made shims to account for this, but am thinking that I may have to work on these parts again, do don't want to go through the cost of powdercoating them.   Its about 100 bucks, and I could spend that money on a new tail wheel caster, which would be a good trade off..  We'll see.

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