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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bulkheads Complete

Over the weekend I put a lot of work into the bulkheads, finishing up F705 and the rest of them to the point where I can move forward.   I didn't prime everything yet as I am planning on drilling the tail cone first, then deburring/dimpling, and finally fully priming the bulkheads.  I did prime all areas of metal where the rear bulkhead halves came together.  With the rear bulkheads in particular they must be riveted together before you can start drilling the tail cone skins, making it is necessary to prime them first.

I also worked on the seatbelt mounts that need to be trimmed back to make room for the seat ribs.  I trimmed these with a cutoff wheel in a die grinder, then buffed with the scotchbrite wheel.  Turned out pretty nice, and I think I can bolt them on now and leave them.

Next steps are the Longerons and/or drilling the rear fuse and its J-stringers..  Things get pretty big from here on out.  ;-)

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